The state of Wisconsin offers some incredible employment opportunities for dentists. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported that General Dentists working in Wisconsin made an annual mean salary of $207,350 in 2019, which was much higher than the national average of $178,260.

If you have aspirations of making a career in this field, then you might want to read this guide. It will help you figure out how to become a dentist in Wisconsin.

Should I Become a Dentist in Wisconsin?

If you want to brighten other people’s smiles, then you should definitely pick dentistry as a career.

Here’s a list of the licensing, training, and skill-set requirements that dentists have to meet. The data given below has been gathered from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Education Required Getting a Professional/Doctoral degree is compulsory.
Training Additional training is mandatory for only those candidates who wish to specialize in a specific area of dentistry.
Licenses/Certifications A dental license is needed.
Key Skills/Qualities Sound Communication, Organizational Skills, Leadership Skills, Patience, Dexterity.
Annual Mean Salary (2019) – National $178,260 (Dentists, General)
Job Outlook (2018-28) 7%
Annual Mean Salary (2019) – Wisconsin $207,350 (Dentists, General)

Career Outlook

BLS has projected a faster than average growth in dentistry. Estimates suggest that the job opportunities for dental professionals will increase by 7% from 2018 to 2028. There will be an increased demand for dental services as more links have been identified between overall health and oral health.

Steps to Become a Dentist in Wisconsin

The process of becoming a dentist in Wisconsin incorporates the following steps:

    1. Get a Bachelor’s Degree

A solid educational foundation is needed to enter dental school, therefore aspiring dentists have to first get a bachelor’s degree. The pre-dental coursework will expose the students to a range of science subjects. Moreover, it is advised that students get some hand-on exposure to the dental profession before enrolling in a dental program. Students can either work as interns or a volunteer at a community dental clinic, in order to get an idea about this field.

    1. Pass the DAT and Enroll in an Accredited Dental School

The next step would be to clear the Dental Admission Test (DAT), which is required to get into a dental school. Students can either get themselves admitted to the Doctor of Dental Surgery program or the Doctor of Dental Medicine program. Both of these degrees usually take four years to complete.

    1. Obtain a Dental License

After getting the recommended credentials, candidates should send the application for dental license to the Board. They are also required to pay the application processing fee to the Department of Safety and Professional Services.

In order to be eligible to get the license, candidates have to pass the regional exam as well as the National Board Dental Examination. Moreover, they also have to complete an online exam related to Wisconsin laws and regulations related to the practice of dentistry in the state. If the candidates are able to meet all of these conditions, they will be given a license.

How Long Does It Take to Become a Dentist in Wisconsin?

The first step is to acquire undergraduate education, which takes approximately four years. Then, candidates have to complete a professional dental degree, which also takes around four years. Lastly, they have to complete some board-approved exams. Therefore, the entire process of joining this field can easily take more than eight years.

What Are the Requirements for Becoming a Dentist in Wisconsin?

Individuals who wish to practice dentistry in Wisconsin will have to satisfy the following conditions.

The person should:

  • Have obtained a dental degree from an accredited dental school.
  • Have obtained a passing score on the National Board Dental Exam.
  • Have cleared the Central Regional Dental Testing Service examination (CRDTS) or some other approved exam (CITA, SRTA, CDCA, or WREB).
  • Have sent a licensure application to the state board.
  • Have completed an exam on the state’s rules and statutes related to the practice of dentistry.


How Much Do Dentists Earn in Wisconsin?

As per the data shared by BLS, Dentists (General) in Wisconsin earned a yearly mean pay of $207,350 in 2019.